Satsang in Sweden

The ultimate purpose of life is to establish an inner connection with God and our True Self. – Amma

A satsang in Amma’s name consists of the recitation of the 108 names (mantras) of the Divine Mother, reading aloud from one of Amma’s books,
singing bhajans (spiritual songs) for approximately one hour, a light ceremony and quiet meditation. After the satsang we spend a few moments in stillness.

The Stockholm Area
Satsang in the Stockholm area is held about once a month and the location alternates between Åkersberga, Sollentuna, Lidingö and Uppsala.
For more information, please contact Margareta Svennbeck (Sneha)
Email: or call 018-30 29 69.

Marika Hennix (Nirupama) would be happy to lead satsang at your house! It is a beautiful experience to have satsang in one’s own home. If you would like to have satsang in your home or if you have any questions about it, please contact Nirupama.
Email: or cell phone 070-777 70 03.

Satsang in Uddevalla is held a few times per semester at Caroline Andersen’s house (Vimala) at
Ryssbergsvägen 17, Uddevalla. For information, please contact Caroline.
Email: or cell phone 076-555 88 57.

Northern Sweden
Therese Vestrin (Nistula) lives in Umeå and she would be happy to organize satsang in Northern Sweden. If you would like to arrange for satsang at your house, please contact Nistula.