We will celebrate Amma’s Birthday

We will celebrate Amma’s birthday with satsang on Saturday, September 28 at Lalita’s house.
Address: Elfvinggården 9, Bromma.

The program will begin at 3PM and after that, we will have cake!

Please call Lalita on her cell phone 070-999 08 50, to get the door code for entering the house. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the program.

There is no kitchen available for us to cook in or heat up food. We will serve tea, coffee and cake. Each person can bring something to eat, if they so wish, for example some fruit, a sandwich, a wrap.

Satsang is free of charge, but we would be grateful for donations to cover the costs for the venue. Also, you can donate to Amma’s charities. We accept cash payment or Swish.

Everyone is very welcome!

Svenska Amritaföreningen

If you are travelling with public transport:

  1. A) Take the subway Green Line to Alvik. Take the local train (tvärbanan) with end line Sickla Udde, get off at the first stop, which is Alvik Strand.
  2. B) Take the subway to Liljeholmen. Take the local train (tvärbanan) toward Solna, get off at Alvik strand.

When you arrive at Alvik strand, please walk up the stairs and cross the street. There is a sign, Lyckovägen 9 K. You can enter the house from the end corner and we will meet you there.

Finding your way in the house:

There are two entrances in to the house, one entrance is for the people who arrive with public transportation, where you will be met by one of us. For those who will be arriving by car, you will enter through the main entrance. Please take the elevator to the third floor, to Sällskapsrummet. Call Lalita if you can’t find your way.

It’s important that you arrive at least ten minutes before the start of the program, especially if you are arriving by public transport because we arrange for people to meet up at the entrance.